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Map for this day

Please note: the definitive timetable for this #CrossBorderRail extra day is always the one in the Google Sheet. The full route map is on umap here.

The province Zeeland is separated from the rest of Netherlands by the Scheldt. While there is a road tunnel to the rest of Netherlands, the main town – Terneuzen – only has a rail connection to Belgium. And that line is not electrified and no passenger trains run on it. So I am going to see if it would make sense to change that. And after going to Terneuzen I will head eastwards and investigate an old connection between Hulst and Sint-Niklaas – probably unlikely to be re-activated, but I want to check it.

Borders crossed
BIKE Sint-Gillis-Waas (BE) – Hulst (NL)
BIKE Zelzate (BE) – Sas van Gent (NL)

In Bruxelles the previous evening (8 June) – details. If you would like to come along for part of the route, or say hello at one of the stops then contact me!

Trains – 2
Train-km – 115
Buses – 1
Bus-km – 25
Bike legs – 2
Bike-km – 63