This day starts and ends in Slovakia, but routes into Poland, Czechia and Austria along the way. There are only two cross border lines between Slovakia and Poland, and despite it being a Trans European Network corridor, the one from Poprad to Muszyna (PL) only has 2 trains a day at weekends in the summertime, and also a limited seasonal service for ski holidays in winter. That is an insanely minimal cross border service! It is also this sort of behaviour that annoys me – an assumption that there is a particular type of person that will use a particular route, rather than the train being generally useful.

A local train from Muszyna will take me to Tarnow (PL) from where I can take a EuroCity service via Kraków (PL) to Bohumín (CZ). This is a border with good local services and good long distance services. I will then cross eastern Czechia and enter Austria at Breclav – a border with excellent long distance and good local services to Austria. In Wien I will change trains, and route via Marchegg (AT) to Bratislava. This border has very good local services and some long distance services.

Day / Date Sunday 31 July
Departure Poprad
End Bratislava
Trains 4
Rail km 806.7 – help me crowd fund kilometres of my route!
Bike legs 0
Bike km 0
Borders crossed SK-PL – Plaveč-Muszyna
PL-CZ – Bohumin
CZ-AT Breclav
AT-SK Marchegg
Events No formal events, but maybe you’d like to say hello? – more about events en route here

Data here is indicative. The Google Sheet for the trip is the always-updated definitive version.

On the day itself, live updates will be posted here.

The map below is an image of the route for this day. You can alternatively see access whole route with more controls on umap here.

Day 39 Map

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July 6, 2009
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