At the very minimum this trip is going to produce an enormous amount of content across social platforms – blog posts, live blogs, tweets, pictures, live streams. I am open to doing even more than that – seeking some sort of media partnership for the trip for example (please contact me if this is interesting for you), or penning pieces for media that has a larger reach than I do. But part of the point here is to tell the story as I see it, as it goes along, to bring my audience along for the journey.

When it comes to social media, Twitter is going to be the main platform for communication about the project – my account @jonworth has more than 70000 followers, many of them politically active people. I aim to learn the lessons of my successful #BerlinBeogradBerlin threads, and do even better on #CrossBorderRail!

The rationale for including at least 2 hours in each political capital (and time in some of the border towns as well) is to allow the organisation of events to discuss the issues the route highlights – how well are plans for improvements advancing? What are the main barriers to progress? What could the EU do to assist? Precisely how these events can work in the middle of a pandemic remains to be seen, but attempting the trip in the summer ought to at least mean events in outdoor venues should be possible. Other people joining the trip for individual legs could also make sense.

Need a picture for a story about #CrossBorderRail? There are 50mb of photos to download here – use any of them for free, if you credit Trains for Europe – #CrossBorderRail project.