Much of the 2022 #CrossBorderRail project was documented on Twitter – with daily threads documenting my progress.

But now Elon Musk has broken Twitter, it is a bit different. On each day of subsequent projects I will make a Mastodon thread (you can follow me on Mastodon here), and as in 2022 each day will start with a live video explaining what’s to come and will conclude with a video of what I learned that day. I will also post key updates throughout the day on a live blog here on this website. There will be some posts about the project on Bluesky and LinkedIn as well.

There will be plenty of media outreach throughout the projects – you can find some of the 2022 coverage here. If you would like to speak to me about upcoming projects, or would like me to write something for you, please contact me.

Need a picture for a story about #CrossBorderRail? There are 50mb of press photos to download here – use any of them for free, if you credit Trains for Europe – #CrossBorderRail project. More than 1400 photos from #CrossBorderRail are available on Flickr here – all of them are Creative Commons Licensed, and can even be used for commercial purposes. Photos from 2023 will likewise be uploaded to Flickr.