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Please note: the definitive timetable for #CrossBorderRail 2023 is always the one in the Google Sheet. The full route map is on umap here.

There has been a lot of political attention to railway connections between France and Germany in the past 12 months – with Freiburg-Colmar attracting most attention. But I have long wanted to get a more complete picture, and this is the day I am going to do it – to travel to the three cross border lines between France and Germany I have not yet travelled. Saarbrücken (DE) – Sarreguemines (FR) is served by a cross border tram train as well as by an irregular regional train, while there are regional services (albeit on quite poor infrastructure) at both Wissembourg and Lauterbourg. There is the danger that some of the routes here are going to have to change at the last minute due to train driver shortages in Grand Est (some trains seem to be replaced by buses). But one way or another – by train, bus or bike – I am going to get to the borders and finally be able to say I have been to every France-Germany cross border line!

Borders crossed
(by train) Saarbrücken (DE) – Sarreguemines (FR) – active line with passenger traffic and a tram
(by bike) Wissembourg (FR) – Schweighofen (DE) – active line with passenger traffic
(by train) Lauterbourg (FR) – Berg (Pfalz) (DE) – active line with passenger traffic

Karlsruhe – for details of events, please see the Events page

Trains – 4
Buses – 0
Bike legs – 1
Train-km – 208.5
Bus-km – 0
Bike-km – 22.5
Routes of bike legs can additionally be found on my Komoot page