I have asked myself the question: is there a way to manage to make a trip like this safely? Both for my own sake, and for the sake of those I will meet en route.

On balance I have concluded it is possible, providing I take some basic precautions.

First of all I am vaccinated, and boosted, and had COVID in March 2022. If a further booster is available before the trip starts I will take it.

I will take a LFT test at the start of each and every day of the trip, and will wear a FFP-2 mask on every train that does not have opening windows or where I do not have my own compartment – and I will do this regardless of the COVID rules in place in the country I am visiting.

With regard to events en route, I am going to check organisers insist on mask wearing and good ventilation in all venues. I am also going to take a CO2 meter with me – this is a simple and easy check to determine when a room needs to be aired.

The costs of masks, tests and the CO2 meter are covered in my crowdfunding plan.

As I am travelling in the summer months I am going to aim to do every social or informal event outdoors, so as to further minimise the risk of transmission.