Help crowd-fund #CrossBorderRail 2023 - all of Germany's rail borders

2nd-15th May 2023 - the first month of the new Deutschlandticket - I will travel to all of Germany's borders to its neighbouring countries, with a focus on the places I did not visit in 2022. In total I will explore 30 cross border railway lines.

Top 20 projects - #CrossBorderRail 2022 conclusions

After more than 30000km on trains, and 95 borders crossed, the first conclusions of the #CrossBorderRail project were presented 29th August 2022 in Berlin - 20 places where change is needed and could be implemented fast!

#CrossBorderRail 13 June - 1 August 2022

Anyone who has ever tried to cross borders within the EU by train has seen the problem: international trains (if they even run!) are often less regular, have worse timetables, and are harder to book than trains in one country. I want to highlight these issues, and show ways to solve them in this project.



Mapping my #CrossBorderRail projects

I take a lot of pride in making sure my #CrossBorderRail projects are well mapped. But how do you even map rail routes? It’s not as if it’s something someone does every day! So here I am going to outline […]

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Photos from the main 2022 project now on Flickr, licensed for re-use

A selection of the photos from the main #CrossBorderRail Project 2022 have now been uploaded to Flickr – all the albums are here. So far there are 1154 pictures total so far, of railways, stations, and other odds and ends, […]

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#CrossBorderRail 2023 – repeat the postcard marathon?

#CrossBorderRail in 2022 comprised 40 main route days, and a few extra days from Berlin to the Poland and Czechia borders – and each and every day of the project I wrote two real postcards. One each day went to […]

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Mapping all of Europe’s #CrossBorderRail lines

In the summer of 2022 I crossed all of the internal borders of the European Union (and Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein) you can cross by train. That ended up with 95 borders crossed (you can find all the routes I […]

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Autumn press coverage of the #CrossBorderRail project

Guest on #RailNatter with Gareth Dennis – 4 Jan 2023   Han har krydset alle EU’s grænser i tog i 2022. Nu er han mest af alt bare sur Information – 3 Jan 2023 – Mathias Sonne Aktivisten Jon Worth […]

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