South East Europe 2024 - help crowdfund this project!

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo.
The borders between them, and their borders with the EU.
To be investigated in May 2024.

#CrossBorderRail Autumn 2023

At least 20 more #CrossBorderRail lines. 99 trains. More than 10 events. A speech on the Kulturzug to Wrocław, and a ferry and train trip to Ireland. The Autumn 2023 project has now concluded.

#CrossBorderRail 2023 - all of Germany's rail borders - has now concluded

2nd-15th May 2023 - the first month of the new Deutschlandticket - I travelled to all of Germany's borders to its neighbouring countries, with a focus on the places I did not visit in 2022. In total I explored more than 30 more cross border railway lines.

Top 20 projects - #CrossBorderRail 2022 conclusions

After more than 30000km on trains, and 95 borders crossed, the first conclusions of the #CrossBorderRail project were presented 29th August 2022 in Berlin - 20 places where change is needed and could be implemented fast!

#CrossBorderRail 13 June - 1 August 2022

Anyone who has ever tried to cross borders within the EU by train has seen the problem: international trains (if they even run!) are often less regular, have worse timetables, and are harder to book than trains in one country. I want to highlight these issues, and show ways to solve them in this project.

#CrossBorderRail so far


#CrossBorderRail lines
visited and investigated


on 584


by bike, across
98 bike legs


by bus, ferry
and car



Compact tech solutions for #CrossBorderRail – abandoning the laptop, and investing in a foldable HB066 keyboard

With #CrossBorderRail South East Europe now just over a month away, my thoughts are turning to what (not) to take with me. This year I am going to be much more radical in terms of packing – I am not […]

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France and Germany: united in what exactly when it comes to public transport?

I spent yesterday at the France-Germany border – I started in Freiburg, cycled to the human chain protest at Breisach, and cycled onwards to Colmar in France. The Association Trans Rhin Rail has been working for twelve years to try […]

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#CrossBorderRail merchandise and fundraising update – ex-JŽ 441, symbol of a formerly interoperable railway

Previously in Yugoslavia, and today in Serbia, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina these locomotives are known as class 441. In Croatia they are class 1141. In Romania class 43 and 46. They are operated by Srbija Voz, TENT, MŽ, […]

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Back to Valenciennes, back to where #CrossBorderRail began – for the event to mark 20 years of the EU Agency for Railways

On 14 June 2022, on a crisp summer morning, I was the only passenger on an international train from Mons to Aulnoye-Aymeries, and would go on from there to the EU Agency for Railways in Valenciennes – the official start […]

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Bantzenheim, a bike ride, a beer garden – on the eve of a protest at Breisach-Volgelsheim

It’s quite rare that anyone organises a kind of protest for the re-opening of an international railway line, but that is exactly what is happening on Sunday 14 April at Breisach-Volgelsheim, the part of the Freiburg-Colmar cross border railway line […]

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All the borders crossed during #CrossBorderRail 2022-2024

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