This day had to be amended due to delays and disruption around Leipzig, and this summary reflects that.

The day started on a southbound ICE from Berlin to Leipzig Hbf, and then onto a RegionalBahn to Hof Hbf, and a RegionalExpress to Marktredwitz. From there it was onto one train that starts in Germany, crosses into Czechia, and ends in Germany – Marktredwitz-Hof, via Cheb. The Marktredwitz-Cheb and Aš-Selb Plößberg lines both have reasonable regional cross border connections (a train every two hours) and no long distance services. Services here were restored in 2015 – this was the only one of the cross border connections identified by Michael Cramer so far restored.

From Selb I took to the bike to go to Aš on the Czech side, then took a train to Vojtanov Obec, a bike to Vojtanov, and then a train northwards back into Germany – the line from Vojtanov to Adorf (Vogtl) crosses the DE-CZ border 7 times! However it runs only every 2 hours, has only 1 carriage, and the last train is at just after 18:00 – so there is room for improvement here, and there are no long distance connections.

From Adorf I routed via Werdau and Leipzig back to Berlin.

Day / Date Thursday 11 August
Departure and End Berlin
End Marktredwitz-Aš-Vojtanov
Trains 9
Rail km 771.2
Bike legs 3
Bike km 28.4
Borders crossed DE-CZ – Schirnding-Cheb
CZ-DE – Aš-Wildenau
DE-CZ – Wildenau-Aš
DE-CZ – Vojtanov
CZ-DE – Bärenteich
DE-CZ – Plesná
CZ-DE – Bad Brambach Hammer
DE-CZ – Bad Brambach (East)
CZ-DE – Bad Brambach Röthenbach
DE-CZ – Bad Brambach (West)
Events No formal events planned – but do contact me if you want to say hello!

Data here is indicative. The Google Sheet for the trip is the always-updated definitive version.

The map below is an image of the route for this day. You can alternatively see access whole route with more controls on umap here.

Day 1 Map