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Map for this day

Please note: the definitive timetable for this #CrossBorderRail extra day is always the one in the Google Sheet. The full route map is on umap here.

Pretty much all of the #CrossBorderRail project has been very matter-of-fact – take the trains that regular travelers would use. On this day I am making a bit of an exception – taking the route that the narrow gauge Bernina Express takes from Tirano in Italy, into Switzerland, and then resuming on the regular gauge network at Chur. And then speeding back to Berlin via Basel. I am not sure there is any potential to really improve the border service at Tirano. But I need a joyous day in the train once in a while, right?

Borders crossed
TRAIN 1000mm gauge – Campocologno (CH) – Tirano (IT)
TRAIN Weil (Rhein) (DE) – Basel Badischer Bahnhof (CH)

None – but if you would like to come along for part of the route, or say hello at one of the stops then contact me!

Trains – 10
Train-km – 1312
Buses – 1
Bus-km – 39