Most of this day in Lyon will be dedicated to attending the EU Connecting Europe Days event.

I will then depart in the evening for Lons-le-Saunier, and spend the night there. That means no border crossings on Day 13, but it sets the scene for a particularly absurd start to Day 14.

Day / Date Wednesday 29 June
Departure Lyon
End Lons-le-Saunier
Trains 2
Rail km 123.9 (was 162.2 on Day 13 originally – that was crowd funded)
Bike legs 0
Bike km 0
Borders crossed none
Events Connecting Europe Days event, Lyon – more about events en route here

Data here is indicative. The Google Sheet for the trip is the always-updated definitive version.

On the day itself, live updates will be posted here.

The map below is an image of the route for this day. You can alternatively see access whole route with more controls on umap here.

Day 13 Map

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Markus Eigenheer
SNCF TER Z 24751
April 20, 2019
CC BY-SA 2.0


All other photos taken by Jon Worth, can be re-used under the same terms as the content on this site.