The reason for choosing Simeria for the overnight stop is it allows me to route onto the line via Petroșani (RO) and Târgu Jiu (RO) to Craiova (RO) – thanks Helmut Uttenthaler for the inspiration here. From Craiova there is no option but to take the horribly slow diesel train to Calafat – the Romanian side of one of only two bridges over the Danube along the Romania-Bulgaria border. Vidin (BG) is the town on the Bulgarian side. The bridge only replaced ferries here in 2013, and it is a combined rail and road bridge. But there is a catch – only 1 train a day crosses it each way each day! This is a border with the most minimal cross border service imaginable. It is not as if the situation for road traffic is much better – 6 Euro toll to cross this bridge in one of the poorest corners of Europe! Because my arrival time does not correspond with the daily train across the bridge I am going to cycle instead – it is possible! – and I will then stay overnight in Vidin.

Day / Date Sunday 24 July
Departure Simeria
End Vidin
Trains 2
Rail km 344.2
Bike legs 1
Bike km 17.5
Borders crossed RO-BG – Calafat-Vidin
Events No formal events, but maybe you’d like to say hello? – more about events en route here

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Day 32 Map

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Maarten Sepp
brug Vidin-Calafat
May 19, 2017
CC BY-SA 2.0


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