Attend an event during the #CrossBorderRail project!

This form covers attendance at Formal, Informal and Virtual events. If you would like to organise an additional event somewhere, please instead use this form. If you would like to accompany me on part of the trip – either a bike or train leg – it’s this form.

A Formal event is a discussion, panel or debate. If you sign up for one of those you ought to attend all of it, and I need your contact details because attendance numbers might be limited. An Informal event is something in a café or restaurant, normally outdoors – you can also buy something to eat at pretty much all of these. Come and go as you wish, but if you could fill in the form it will help me get an idea of numbers. An event that is Virtual is online only, and you will receive the link by email – but attendance numbers are not limited.

If the location and technology permit it, I will also live-stream formal events using Twitter live video, but I am likely to only know if this is possible on the day itself.

At the moment the exact locations of some events are not known – this will be communicated by email once it is confirmed. Also keep an eye on #CrossBorderRail on Twitter on the day itself!

Details of each event, and links and maps, are on the background route page about each day.

All times for Formal and Informal events are local. Times for Virtual events are CET. At the moment only events on the North circuit are listed – events for the South West and South East circuits are currently being planned.

    I will only call or message you if something changes last minute!