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Today’s live text updates

Here’s this evening’s summary video

Divača - the end for today


Neat station, renovated as it’s the mainline. 2 cyclists get off. So 9 passengers did the whole Pula - Divača trip

And we’re on the mainline - the line from Pula joins the line from Koper just south of Hrpelje Kozina

Photos don’t do it justice. The Lepoglav - Buzet - Rakitovec part of the line is stunning


Also no one. But given it has just this train, and the one in the other direction, perhaps not a surprise? Nice building though. And flowers


No staff. No passengers. And importantly it’s Slovenia but no border control

But the SŽ train manager tells me to delete the photo I took. “Show me the law” I tell him. He moves on and the pic gets posted

I’ve not got to Slovenia yet, but they do have a Schengen suspension (although there was no control from Zagreb to Ljubljana yesterday). I’m banking on all 11 passengers on board here being controlled…


2 police - Croatian - get in at Buzet and ask for IDs

I refuse to show mine. This is I tell them. “This isn’t the border control!” the guy says. He was friendly, spoke good English, but it’s still illegal to do this systematically

I ask the ŠZ employee on board. “Do they do this every time?” “Yes” he says

No passengers out or in. Only a crew change


A freight line joins here. There’s a stern looking station manager. And the train to Pula is about to depart from the other track. 1 railway employee who was travelling in the cab gets out

One thing works well. The train’s horn


This is a proper town. The station has 2 staff. But no passengers board or alight

Sveti Petar U Sumi

There’s a party going on in the old goods shed which is now a restaurant. But no station manager and no one on or off. We’re still 11 on board

Ah. Here’s the train we’re waiting to pass. A modern HŽPP Končar DMU coming from Lupoglav. I count three passengers on it as it passes 🤯

This line must be in danger of closure?


1 dude gets off. There’s a station master and his son comes to give the driver a paper. Lizards run around in the sunshine on the platform.

It’s quiet apart from the rumble of the engine in the other carriage. We need to wait here for the train in the other direction to pass

Peculiarly it’s €7,17 on the regular train to Buzet (last Croatian station) and €8,10 on this one. But HŽPP will sell you a ticket on this one. So why so few passengers? I assume because this line is so slow everyone drives.

This is the “express” train with just 6 stops in Croatia. The local train has 15+ stops to Buzet

We’re 12 on board from Pula

First stop Vodnjan

Charming station but not a soul anywhere. So we’re still 12

18:13 Pula - Divača 20:59

Distance: 123km
Average speed: 44km/h

10 stops:
Sveti Petar U Sumi

This train, mapped:

South East Europe 2024 Train 27 of 62
18:13 Pula - Divača 20:59

Train type: MBB Donauwörth / TVT 713 DMU, 2 carriages
🚲: ✅
🦽: ⛔️
🛜: ⛔️
🍽️: ⛔️
🧳: 🙂 (steps are steep, but entrances wide)
🧽: 🙂


You can tell this was once more important than it is now!

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Today’s introduction and summary videos

#CrossBorderRail South East Europe 2024 - 6/13/2024, 8:11:41 PM
Morning previews of the day ahead, and evening summaries of the day. During Jon Worth's #CrossBorderRail project.
#CrossBorderRail South East Europe 2024 - 6/13/2024, 5:36:53 AM
Morning previews of the day ahead, and evening summaries of the day. During Jon Worth's #CrossBorderRail project.

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Today’s photos

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Today’s background

A day of transition from north east Europe to central Europe! The daily InterCity train to Warszawa arrives too late to connect with the night train from there to Budapest, so it’s instead a coach for the cross border section, and then after a few hours in Warszawa onto the night train across 4 countries to Budapest.

Borders examined on this day:
Zebrzydowice 🇵🇱 – Bohumín 🇨🇿

Distance covered:

Transport modes:
🚆 1
🚌 1 


Today’s route

The full zoomable and scrollable map, including today’s route, is on uMap here

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