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#CrossBorderRail South East Europe 2024 - 6/11/2024, 8:14:40 PM
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Today’s photos

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Today’s background

The fastest rail route from Zagreb to Split (both in today’s Croatia) used to run through Novi Grad (Republika Srpska) and Bihač (Federation) and then crossed the BiH-Croatia some 10 times. It was all too complex, and the line was subsequently closed. Due to the inaccessibility of this corner of Bosnia by bike, a friend from Zagreb will drive me on this day.

Borders examined on this day:
Loksun 🇭🇷 – Bihac 🇧🇦

Distance covered:

Transport modes:
🚆 1
🚗 1 


Today’s route

The full zoomable and scrollable map, including today’s route, is on uMap here

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