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#CrossBorderRail South East Europe 2024 - 6/30/2024, 5:24:12 PM
Morning previews of the day ahead, and evening summaries of the day. During Jon Worth's #CrossBorderRail project.

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Today’s photos

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Today’s background

On the home straight now – a bus from Beograd to Zagreb, and then onto a night train to Zürich.

Borders examined on this day:
Štrpci 🇧🇦 – Mramorje 🇷🇸
Štrpci 🇧🇦 – Jablanica 🇷🇸
Dobova 🇸🇮 – Savski Marof 🇭🇷
Rosenbach 🇦🇹 – Jesenice 🇸🇮

Distance covered:

Transport modes:
🚆 2
🚌 1 


Today’s route

The full zoomable and scrollable map, including today’s route, is on uMap here

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