The tremendous news: the crowdfunding of #CrossBorderRail has already been successful enough, just 24 hours after starting the project, to cover the costs of 40 days of the trip (€4096 is necessary to finance the project).

That means I know that – barring something unexpected – I am going to be going ahead, starting on 13th June. The full and detailed trip schedule is here.

That is not to say that the fundraising is completely done. It would be nice to be able to pay myself a very small wage – €50 a day – during the journey, and that has not been funded yet. So some more donations would be very welcome. Also if there are ways you can assist – through sponsorship for example – please fill in this form.

The planning also now moves to the events en route – if I am going to be passing your town or city en route and you would like to meet and talk about cross border rail. If there are local politicians you think I should meet I am all ears. Please check the schedule (version 3) here, and there is more about events here.


  1. Immaculately planned Jon and there was me thinking my EU rail trips are planned with detail! Wishing you good luck with the trip and look forward to reading your posts, though will be away myself (CZ-PL-SK-HU) during early July.

  2. Congrats for this great initiative! I see in your schedule that you are crossing the German-Belgian border by bike, between Aachen and Eupen. Did you know there is an hourly local cross-border train that will take you from Aachen to Verviers? You’re allowed to take your bike on that train.

    • Thanks, but I have crossed the BE-DE border Hergenrath-Aachen… about 200 times (and no, I haven’t erroneously added an extra 0 there!) – that’s the reason I want to go to Raeren as I have never been there!

      I have a folding bike with me – that I can take on any train.

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