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Today’s live text updates

Ok, nice try my clients in Paris. But this isn’t 3D enough to go into my list 🙂

(And in the coming few weeks as my next big trip starts I’ll be highlighting a bunch of the ace railway people here on Mastodon - it’s a super and eccentric and nerdy community that I appreciate *a lot*)

A railway people

@ummels who’s posting pictures from great routes in Czechia

@wrzlbrnft who’s posting pictures of odd lines from Hungary

@lewd who’s great and funny on all things railways, esp France-Germany

@maartje for IT and rail topics

Deutsche Bahn is introducing transparent noise protection walls

But what’s missing?


It covers every sound protection wall everywhere in Germany. Perhaps these transparent walls are a little easier to clean? We can hope..?

Really, this stopping selling loads of international tickets thing is all the SNCF problems in one

It’s international, and they think national

They’re incompetent as to how to handle legacy IT systems that are outdated

They’re inflexible in that they can’t make contingency plans

And finally they’re malevolent, because staff are then told to blame everyone else, instead of SNCF - and the mess was 💯 SNCF’s fault

* - unless you want to travel internationally because we won’t sell you those tickets any more

All right. Now we have the answer.


Me: Why can I not book a ticket for Berlin on SNCF Connect?

SNCF employee: It’s not possible

Me: But why?

SNCF: “C’est la faute de l’Europe!” (It’s Europe’s fault)

Me: But why can DB sell me a SNCF ticket? SBB a Trenitalia ticket? The only one stopping is SNCF.

SNCF: You have to buy it on the site of DB then or Trainline

(My jaw dropped at that!)

Me: It’s not because SNCF is closing Résarail?

SNCF: It’s because of international agreements!

So I just tried asking at Bercy if they could sell me a ticket to Berlin in June

The guy was friendly but couldn’t get a price (because we know he can’t get prices). But he was genuinely confused, and had no idea SNCF has suspended these sales

I’m going to try once more at Austerlitz and see what they tell me there

Does passenger behaviour on platforms vary between countries I wonder?

The TER Nuits-sous-Ravières - Paris Bercy is peculiar

At all interim stations the platform entrances are at the back of the train. But at Bercy the exit is at the front

I walk to the front at Nuits so I’m near the exit at Paris, but pretty much no others do, despite SNCF Connect indicating it’s a long train

I’m pretty sure in UK or Germany more would do as I do

I’m often critical of French rural timetables not being joined up

But this one works perfectly

The bakery in Nuits opens at 06:00, so there’s time to get a croissant 🥐 on the way from home to the railway station for the first train to Paris at 06:21 🙂

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Today’s introduction and summary videos

#CrossBorderRail South East Europe 2024 - 5/7/2024, 7:38:40 PM
Morning previews of the day ahead, and evening summaries of the day. During Jon Worth's #CrossBorderRail project.
#CrossBorderRail South East Europe 2024 - 5/7/2024, 3:34:11 AM
Morning previews of the day ahead, and evening summaries of the day. During Jon Worth's #CrossBorderRail project.

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Today’s photos

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Today’s background

All the focus for France-Italy traffic is on two lines – through the Alps from Chambéry via Modane to Bardonecchia, and along the coast from Nice to Ventimiglia. But there is a secondary connection as well – from Breil-sur-Roya to Cuneo, and even an extra cross border line from Breil-sur-Roya to Ventimiglia. The line is known as the “Train des Mervilles” – more about it here


Today’s route

The full zoomable and scrollable map, including today’s route, is on uMap here

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