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Today’s background

A reasonably simple day to start the autumn project – 4 trains, 1 tram, and a short bike ride. Today I am investigating the dismantled cross border line Vieux-Condé [FR] – Péruwelz [BE]. Opened in 1874, and dismantled in 1978, part of the alignment is today used by the Valenciennes-Condé tram line. Maybe there would be potential for a cross border tram line here? You can find out more about this connection in Annex 3 of the European Commission’s 2018 study – PDF here.

Once I reach the Belgian side I will then go via Mons to Bruxelles, where there is an informal event at 18:00 at aLoft in the EU quarter.

I’m not visiting it today, but the EU Agency for Railways has its seat in Valenciennes. My 2022 project started there – hence the pic above of me with Josef Doppelbauer, the boss of the agency.

The background for the Autumn 2023 project can be found here.



Route – with the focus on today’s border crossing

The full zoomable and scrollable map, including today’s route, is on uMap here.


Photo Rights

Photo by EU Agency for Railways, used with permission

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