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And yes, my €86,40 for a 9km rail trip is going into my slides for a presentation next week in Salzburg 🙂

Given there are going to be some regional and local politicians from Baden-Württemberg and Grand Est in the audience it's going to be fun!

How, how, HOW can this be so, you might be asking?

Try booking München-Strasbourg at 9am on 18 October. It routes you via Offenburg. It costs €110,30

Book München-Kehl - just 9km from Strasbourg - and it is €22,30. Same trains

€86,40 for the 9km between Kehl and Strasbourg

Buy Kehl-Strasbourg separately... and that's just €4,60

So I think I have just found Europe's most expensive train ride

€86,40 for a 9km ride. Almost €10 per kilometre. More than a taxi!

So you’d think it was a deluxe train, right?


It's on this Stadler RS1 diesel railbus

Errr, this is a peculiar one

Chinese workers have been withdrawn from the rebuilding of the Budapest - Belgrade railway line, and the project is on hold... because the Chinese apparently don't know how to fit the ETCS signalling system

That Chinese money was being used for this was an odd geopolitical decision anyway, but why was the signalling not subcontracted to a firm that actually knows how to do that?

Link via @wrzlbrnft

Neighbour from downstairs - who I know enough to say hello to - called by to pick up a package DHL had left with me

“You know about trains, don't you?" he says
"I am planning a rail trip with my partner and the kids for next summer to Portugal”

My heart sinks…

10 minutes later, and I have shown him the routes on https://www.openrailwaymap.org/ and have listed up 6 URLs he has to check, he *might* have the info he needs!

Sezana 🇸🇮 - Ljubljana 🇸🇮
11 trains a day

Villa Opicina 🇮🇹 - Ljubljana 🇸🇮
3 trains a day

Sezana - Villa Opicina
11 min trip time
All Slovenian trains are allowed - technically - to run to Villa Opicina

But they don’t 🤷‍♂️

Because this is

Am 2. Oktober findet von 18:00 bis 20:00 Uhr eine Veranstaltung in Wien statt. Vielen Dank an die TU Wien und die Europäische Bewegung Österreich für die Unterstützung!

"Warum ist es so schwierig Binnengrenzen der EU mit
der Bahn zu überqueren?"

Gerne weiterleiten und boosten!

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