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Ahhh 😊

This is the sort of thing that makes me happy to be back in Germany

Störtebeker Pilsener. A really good pils. For just €1,29 at my local REWE

If only you could get anything like this, for anything close to this price, in Bourgogne

This piece - found via @smveerman - is really good

It explains that the *total number of TGV seats available* has dropped by 14% from a high point around 2012, which is not as steep as the 22% drop in the total number of TGV trains (because the % double deck is higher today)

What the piece cannot answer is if the existing trains could be more efficiently deployed… https://www.trans-missions.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Graphique-evolution-du-nombre-de-sieges-TGV-768x502.png

Of course there’s something especially grim that *the worst* ticketing absurdities I can find are TO STRASBOURG.

Seat of the European Parliament.

Sums up the whole sorry mess.

How many MEPs or staff - and I know some do go by train - have been fleeced as a result of this insane ticket bug?

Ok. @Lenny_du_Nord has beaten my already bad example

He’s found €262,40 for a 9km rail trip! 🤯

The difference between Stockholm-Strasbourg and Stockholm-Kehl (and Kehl-Strasbourg is 9km)

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