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After more than 30000km on trains, and 95 borders crossed, the first conclusions of the #CrossBorderRail project were presented 29th August in Berlin - 20 places where change is needed and could be implemented fast!

#CrossBorderRail 13 June - 1 August 2022

Anyone who has ever tried to cross borders within the EU by train has seen the problem: international trains (if they even run!) are often less regular, have worse timetables, and are harder to book than trains in one country. I want to highlight these issues, and show ways to solve them in this project.


Events and meetups are happening at plenty of the stops along my route, and after the project concludes - find out more about these, and come along and say hello!



The postcard marathon

It was a nice idea. Get myself out of the digital-only communication means on my blog and on Twitter, and go back to old and friendly forms of travel writing – postcards! But not any old postcards… Self-printed postcards, 2 […]

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Further press coverage of the #CrossBorderRail project – South East loop, and general analysis

(Not all of these stories necessarily concern the South East loop of the project in particular – but they were published during the time I was on the rails for that loop!)   Journalist Jon Worth gaat uitdaging aan: in […]

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Re-planning Day 40 – Monday 1st August – the final day of the main #CrossBorderRail loops

The end is in sight! I am writing this post on Day 38, in the train approaching Poprad in Slovakia. In about 48 hours, 9 more trains, 1671.7km of trip, and 9 more border crossings I will be back home […]

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Press coverage of the #CrossBorderRail project – South West loop

Železnice imajo težave pri prečkanju meja Dnevnik – Peter Pahor – 18.7.2022 “Jon Worth bo z vlakom in svojim zložljivim kolesom prepotoval 27.000 kilometrov dolgo pot in pri tem prečkal vse notranje meje Evropske unije. Na terenu že več kot […]

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Details of the events on the South East circuit

Trying to plan events while in the middle of a complex railway trip has not been easy, but now I am happy to announce the events during the South East circuit of the project, starting 19th July. Please note in particular […]

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