During my #CrossBorderRail projects in 2022 and 2023 I sent postcards throughout the trips. In 2022 European Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean even received a postcard from me every single day of the project!

For #CrossBorderRail 2024 I am going to be repeating the postcards, with a slightly different format. Sending postcards to Vălean – at least with the same intensity – makes rather little sense, as she is nearing the end of her term as Commissioner, and also as many of the countries I am visiting are not in the EU.

So my approach this time is going to be to send 50 postcards in total – 18 of them to political decision makers (17 to transport ministers in the countries and regions I am crossing, and 1 to Vălean), and then 32 postcards to people who have helped with #CrossBorderRail – either through donations, or thanks to assistance in kind. And – unlike previous years – I am going to organise this long enough ahead of the project to print the postcards professionally beforehand, rather than doing this at the last minute using my home printer. I also have the benefit of previous #CrossBorderRail projects as well, in that I now have enough high quality photos I have taken to use on the 50 postcards.

If you’d like to receive one of the postcards, let me know using this form. And crowdfunding for #CrossBorderRail 2024 is still open!


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