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The plan for the #CrossBorderRail extra days in May and June 2023 is ready

It has been only a matter of days since my Germany borders project concluded, and I am off again! All of the extra journeys I am about to make are mapped here. First 26-28 May I am making a 3000km journey from Berlin via Kraslice to Klagenfurt, from Klagenfurt via […]

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The Germany borders research is done – but there are events and more trips to come!

The train journeys for the Germany borders project 2023 are now done. You can find the complete route in a Spreadsheet here, and mapped here. 67 trains, more than 60 of them using a Deutschlandticket, and more than 500km on the Birdy folding bicycle and no serious delays or mishaps. […]

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Pressemitteilung / Press Release – Präsentation der ersten Schlussfolgerungen des #CrossBorderRail-Projekts – Presentation of the first conclusions of the #CrossBorderRail Project

(English version below – details of the Top20 projects here) Im Sommer 2022 überquerte Jon Worth im Rahmen des Projekts #CrossBorderRail jede Binnengrenze der EU, die man mit dem Zug überqueren kann. 95 Grenzen, mehr als 30000 Zugkilometer, und wo keine Züge mehr fahren, nahm er ein Klapprad, um von […]

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