#CrossBorderRail in 2022 comprised 40 main route days, and a few extra days from Berlin to the Poland and Czechia borders – and each and every day of the project I wrote two real postcards.

One each day went to the European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, and one went to someone who had crowd funded my project. The pile of 40-odd postcards Vălean received resulted in me receiving a letter in return from Walter Goetz, Head of Cabinet of Vălean, and the Commissioner at least knew who I was at a press conference.

The second postcard each day went to someone who had helped me with my project – either someone who had donated to the crowd funding, or had helped me in kind.

Now as I prepare #CrossBorderRail for 2023 – in May I will go to all of Germany’s borders – I wonder whether to repeat the postcard marathon? Or should I send someone else postcards? Or different people? Or come up with some other sort of symbolic communication to political decision makers? Do let me know!

[UPDATE 27.2.2022, 17:00]
So far the best suggestion comes from this discussion with a follow of mine on Mastodon – Pepijn. At each event I do we will decide collectively with the audience who ought to receive the postcard from that day. And each postcard will have a URL on it, allowing the recipient to find out more about that specific day of the project. I think it’s a really neat idea – even though in admin terms it is perhaps a little complex!

Oh, and here are some cards and postboxes!

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