This one has been long in the planning, and we’ve now only finally got everything together a week ahead, but I am happy to announce the #CrossBorderRail event at the Slovenian Railway Museum, Ljubljana, on Wednesday 18 October from 17:00 CEST (map). The event is organised together with the British Embassy Ljubljana and their Alumni UK Slovenia network.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

17:00-17:45 – guided tour of the museum
17:45-18:15 – my speech about Slovenia’s railway borders, and the opportunities for improvement
18:15-19:00 – debate
after 19:00 – reception

My main speech will also be live streamed – on my Youtube channel.

The event is free to attend in person, and the museum is well worth visiting and it is going to be a super backdrop for my presentation. However you must sign up in advance.


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Allan Harris
Slovenia 2007
June 10, 2007


  1. Hey Jon, just saw the Captain’s link to this on FB. I’d go if I could (i.e. if I was in Ljubljana) – so I sent a message to a friend in Lju and hopefully he’ll get there. Hope it goes fabulously well.

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