I’m happy to be able to announce the event details for one of the stops I am most looking forward to on #CrossBorderRail – Helsinki! One of the hardest places in Europe to get to by train, and a city I have not visited for more than a decade. But my old friend Elina Kiiski-Kataja has helped put together a tremendous debate and finding Demos to host the discussion.

The event will be between 12:00 and 14:00 on Monday 20 June at Demos Helsinki, Mechelininkatu 3D, 00100 Helsinki (map). Attendance is free, but you need to signup please – use the form here.

Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé (follow her on Twitter: @kaisast) from Demos Helsinki will introduce the event. I will then speak about the current situation with Finland’s comparative lack of international railway connections – with particular focus on Sweden, and some attention to Estonia and Rail Baltica. Jaakko Mustakallio (follow him on Twitter: @jemustakallio) will talk about the future of green mobility. Inari Virkkala (follow her on Twitter: @InariV) works on sustainability issues as an architect and is the administrator of the vibrant Facebook Group “Maata pitkin matkustavat” in Finland dedicated to railways and sustainable transport and will speak about what that community wants and needs. And then there will be time for Q&A.

I will also stream the event live on Twitter for those who cannot be there in person.

I will be arriving in Helsinki on the night train from Tornio-Itäinen and then will depart in the afternoon to Tallinn by ferry – all the background about this day of the trip is here.

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  1. Fantastic, looking very much forward! Ps. can’t take credit of being and admin of the great FB-group, but instead I’m part of the group organizing no-fly-travel events https://www.facebook.com/MaataPitkinMatkamessut

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