The end is in sight!

I am writing this post on Day 38, in the train approaching Poprad in Slovakia.

In about 48 hours, 9 more trains, 1671.7km of trip, and 9 more border crossings I will be back home in Berlin. After the past few days – notably Day 37 across Bulgaria and Romania in sweltering heat after a crazy early start, and today dealing with knock-on delays from Romania and arriving in Poprad almost 4 hours later than planned, my batteries are running quite low – although that’s not me pictured asleep at Szolnok in the post cover picture.

With that in mind – and facing two rail replacement buses on the original route – I am changing Day 40, the final regular day of #CrossBorderRail, routing instead from Liberec to Dresden rather than Liberec via Görlitz and Cottbus to Berlin. And – if all goes to plan – I will be at Berlin Hbf (tief) at 20:42 on Monday evening (1st August). If you want to come and welcome me back in Berlin then do come and say hello, although there will not really be an event – just a photo at the platform.

UPDATE: so that wasn’t the end of it! Problems on Day 39 in Poland mean I have to start Day 40 earlier, and instead of routing from Bratislava direct to Kolín in Czechia, I now have to go via Vienna instead, with an earlier start. But of course all the details of the timings are in the Google Sheet, and the background page has also been updated.

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