Kaunas – the second city of Lithuania – is European Capital of Culture in 2022. But trying to get from Lithuania to either Latvia or Poland is – at the time of writing – impossible by train. And that despite the future Rail Baltica route connecting Poland with the Baltics states this way. The situation is so concerning that I coordinated an open letter about the reinstatement of the connection between Lithuania and its neighbours.

There are rumours that the train connection between Suwałki in Poland and Kaunas in Lithuania might be re-instated from later in spring, but nothing is confirmed yet.

So as it stands at the moment I am going to have to take this railbus as far as Marijampolė, and cycle almost 80km to Suwałki!

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Phil Richards
07.05.18 Kaunas 620M-014
May 7, 2018
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Konrad Krajewski
January 13, 2015
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