The final day trip of the #CrossBorderRail project – CD-CZ-PL as explained here – was completed on 18 August. And I have no more days left on my Interrail pass. So that means that all the travel for the project for the summer of 2022 is now done.

Everything has been mapped on umap here – that’s the best way to examine the route. Orange shades, and purple shades, are trains in the project – with days alternating between orange and purple shades. Each subtly different shade (for example a pink followed be a purple) is a different train on the same day. Each line on umap is clickable, and the start and end point of that train is then displayed. Grey lines are cycle routes, and dashed green lines are scheduled buses, rail replacement buses, ferries, a taxi, and a rail replacement Tesla.

All the rail routes here were made using Pierre Beyssac’s amazing rail routing tool. From this GEOJSON files were then exported, and then imported into umap.

The statistics and timetables for the whole trip – as travelled – are in a Google Sheet here. The route-km from Beyssac’s tool then allow me to calculate the average speed of each train I took, and total up the kilometres – each day, and for the project as a whole.

It comes out as follows:

Border Crossings
Bike legs 34
Scheduled buses
Rail replacement buses
Ferry 3
Night train 4
Train 186
Rail replacement Tesla
Taxi 1


Rail km 30171
Bike km 956
Bus, ferry, taxi, Tesla km


  1. Hi Jon, I only just stumbled upon this fascinating project so apologies if this is something you’ve already covered. In your travels, I see you’ve also covered many miles by bike. In my experience so far, I have found the rules around carriage of cycles on trains across Europe very confusing – how much am I going to be charged on each network, where can I buy tickets that include the cycle (since mainstream apps like the trainline don’t showcase the option) and I’m wondering what your experience has been like on this matter. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks for the comment. Sadly no, I have not been able to write that up in detail, as I had a folding bike with me, not a regular bike – and that counts as regular luggage, not as a bike. Had I had a regular bike with me the project would have been close to impossible – especially in Sweden and in Spain. Bike transport in long distance trains, and how to make reservations, remains hellish, sadly.

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