The best #CrossBorderRail lines to visit

#CrossBorderRail is a very political project – to push for better international railway connections between European countries. But one of the things that makes the project so fun is that it has taken me to some wonderful places amongst the 130 borders I have crossed in the past 12 months […]

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The plan for the #CrossBorderRail extra days in May and June 2023 is ready

It has been only a matter of days since my Germany borders project concluded, and I am off again! All of the extra journeys I am about to make are mapped here. First 26-28 May I am making a 3000km journey from Berlin via Kraslice to Klagenfurt, from Klagenfurt via […]

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Open source mapping tools

One of the headaches when planning the #CrossBorderRail trip was to be able to map railway routes adequately accurately. The number of railway routing tools available in public is considerably fewer than for road transport! But on this – as on so many other railway topics – it was a […]

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