Would you give up planes for these trains? Europe pushes travel that’s climate friendly.
Washington Post – 28.10.2022 – Rick Noack, Meg Kelly, Sandra Mehl

““The number of apps or website tabs you need to have open to even find out how to make some of these trips,” said Berlin-based blogger and train enthusiast Jon Worth, “means it’s basically out of reach of anyone who’s not uber keen.””


The quickest way to facilitate international rail travel is to coordinate timetables and improve booking systems
Parliament Magazine – 24.10.2022 – Helene Dyrhauge

“Yet that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. This summer Jon Worth, a well-known EU railway activist and political analyst, travelled through the EU by rail. Often taking small and regional trains instead of the intercity services, he crossed 95 borders”


‘Always Annoying’: Hassles of Cross-Border Trains Hamper E.U.’s Green Ambitions
New York Times – Erika Solomon – 22.10.2022

““Disappointing,” was his verdict, the ruling perhaps influenced by the shuttered brick train station accumulating cobwebs in the German border town of Seifhennersdorf, not far from the Czech Republic.

By profession, Jon Worth is a university lecturer in political communications. By passion, he is the self-anointed inspector of Europe’s railroads. And he has tasked himself with addressing a dilemma: Why isn’t it easier to traverse European borders by rail?”


What you learn when you cross every EU internal border possible by rail
International Railway Journal – 15.10.2022

“In summer 2022 Jon Worth put international rail travel in the European Union to the test. From Haparanda in the north to Lisbon in the west and Athens in the east, he went everywhere the railway would take him. Here he explains to IRJ the conclusions of his research.”


Spoorweg-activist Jon Worth: ‘In Brussel lobbyt niemand voor de Europese treinreiziger’
Follow the Money – Lukas Kotkamp – 09.10.2022

“Het Europese spoorwegnet is een ratjetoe aan nationale maatschappijen die moeizaam internationaal samenwerken, stelt politiek-blogger en spoorweg-activist Jon Worth. Terwijl Brussel korte vluchten wil verbieden, laat het alternatief – de trein – nog veel te wensen over. Afgelopen zomer reisde Worth per trein door Europa op zoek naar een functionerende internationale infrastructuur: ‘Als je wilt dat mensen internationaal reizen per trein moet dat net zo gemakkelijk zijn als per vliegtuig.’”


How to fix Europe’s railway system? | DW News


She Drives Mobility / Katja Diehl Podcast – 25.09.2022

Die Diskussion im Podcast mit einem der bekanntesten unabhängigen Verkehrskommentatoren Deutschlands drehte sich um Themen wie Multimodalität bzw. Übergänge zwischen Zuganbieter:innen, Information, Barrierefreiheit, Digitalisierung, Fahrplänen und Taktung. Sie können den Podcast hier anhören (auf deutsch).


Challenges for cross-border railways in Europe
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung – 20.09.2022

“So in the summer of 2022 I set about working out whether any of the other 14 of the projects Cramer had listed had any future, but also aimed to go a long way beyond that – to cross every internal border of the European Union you can cross by train in one massive journey, and to see what I could discover on the ground. Where trains do not run any longer I took to my folding bicycle, and armed with a camera and a drone photographed and filmed what I found.”


Verkehrt Podcast – 17.09.2022

Eine facettenreiche und ziemlich lange Diskussion über eine Vielzahl von Eisenbahnthemen im Zusammenhang mit meinem #CrossBorderRail-Projekt. Die Moderatoren haben sich auch mit einigen Fragen an die Europäische Kommission gewandt – die Antworten finden Sie hier, und den Podcast (auf deutsch) können Sie hier anhören!


Langsamfahrt Podcast – 15.09.2022

Dieser Podcast beleuchtet die Schlussfolgerungen des #CrossBorderRail-Projekts aus einer eher betrieblichen und technischen Perspektive als andere Podcasts, in denen ich zu Gast war. Dies ist eher etwas für Leute, die sich mit Eisenbahnen schon sehr gut auskennen. Sie können sich die Folge hier anhören (auf deutsch).


Spaßbremse Podcast – 07.09.2022

Talking about #CrossBorderRail, and more generally the problems with rail in Germany – but some of the upsides too, most notably some of the lessons learned from the 9 Euro Ticket. Listen here (in English)


Dismantling Schengen – half a year at a time
Investigate Europe – 9.9.2022 – Sigrid Melchior, Pascal Hansens, Nico Schmidt, Amund Trellevik and Ingeborg Eliassen

“Railway campaigner Jon Worth has crisscrossed Germany’s borders with Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland by train this summer. He found that border controls happen on main train lines and motorway crossings, but not on the smaller lines or road crossings.

“The controls make no sense,” he says. “They are not helping our security or stopping terrorists, as organised crime can find their way around them with minimal information. They are just a pain that creates delays for everyday people who need to cross those borders.””


Im Takt der Schienen – Nachtzüge in Europa
Deutschlandfunk – 03.09.2022 – Philipp Lemmerich

A detailed report about the state of night trains in Europe. Philipp Lemmerich and I chatted while crossing Czechia by train.

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