Help crowd-fund #CrossBorderRail 2023 - all of Germany's rail borders

2nd-15th May 2023 - the first month of the new Deutschlandticket - I will travel to all of Germany's borders to its neighbouring countries, with a focus on the places I did not visit in 2022. In total I will explore 30 cross border railway lines.

Top 20 projects - #CrossBorderRail 2022 conclusions

After more than 30000km on trains, and 95 borders crossed, the first conclusions of the #CrossBorderRail project were presented 29th August 2022 in Berlin - 20 places where change is needed and could be implemented fast!

#CrossBorderRail 13 June - 1 August 2022

Anyone who has ever tried to cross borders within the EU by train has seen the problem: international trains (if they even run!) are often less regular, have worse timetables, and are harder to book than trains in one country. I want to highlight these issues, and show ways to solve them in this project.



A small step forward for rail in Greece, so now Athens is on my itinerary

When I originally did the planning for the #CrossBorderRail project I thought it was going to be impossible to get all the way to Athens. But now – thanks to a timetable change by TrainOSE, the Greek railways – I […]

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Planning nightmares in Sweden and Spain

My #CrossBorderRail trip is due to start just over 5 weeks from now. But two parts of the trip – in Sweden on 18-19 June, and Spain on 3 July – are giving me no end of problems. At the […]

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So what are those “rail postcards” you mention? And who’s going to get them?

In years past I used to have a series on my blog called “Rail Postcards“. When one of my rail trips went wrong I would take a picture of the town where I was, mock up a kind of postcard, […]

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Days 13 and 14 replanned to enter Switzerland at Delle

I’ve made a small change to the route on Days 13 and 14. Instead of taking the train from Lyon to Genève in Switzerland on Day 13, I will instead stay in France – in Lons-le-Saunier. Then on Day 14 […]

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First funding goal reached: #CrossBorderRail is ON

The tremendous news: the crowdfunding of #CrossBorderRail has already been successful enough, just 24 hours after starting the project, to cover the costs of 40 days of the trip (€4096 is necessary to finance the project). That means I know that […]

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